Sunday, October 18, 2009


-It is difficult to maintain a blog when one's computer has finally succumbed to death throes.
-Computer shopping sounds like fun but it feels like throwing a lot of money at something I don't know enough about. A little like buying a car.
-When I don't feel confident about a purchase, I tend to come up with creative work-arounds for having to buy a new one.
-My creativity only goes so far.
-Posting to my blog via my phone is, apparently, the last straw.
-Macs sound really great but I'm not convinced they are worth the money.
-I'll believe the above statement until I actually get one, and then I'll go around evangelizing about them like I do my iPhone.
-If you're going to make your child a pawn in your quest for fame, don't let him talk directly to the media.

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