Sunday, April 12, 2009


So! Apparently I'm taking the month of April off from writing my blog. Sorry for the late notice.

Until I come back, you might want to try:

-Making The Pioneer Woman's Pasta Primavera. We had it for dinner last night and it felt so nice and healthy, especially when we didn't think about the heavy cream bathing all those veggies. Also, "Primavera" means "Spring."

-I bought one of this guy's posters for Theo's room and I love it. I'm thinking about buying another one. Which is your favorite?

-Every time I do one of these link posts I send you to Mimi Smartypants but can you blame me? Her daughter says stuff like this:
"Quick! I will hide in my secret lair! My secret lair is really this area in front of my closet, but what are you gonna do."


Kerri Butler said...

I lie the no monsters allowed!!!

I just bought this one for Benjamin:

C N Heidelberg said...

I've been hearing about the Pioneer Woman left, right, and center lately! How'd she shoot to fame, do you happen to know?