Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oscar Pool 2009: The Results Show

You know that feeling when you've promised someone a favor? It's someone you really like, and the favor is something you enjoy doing, but you just never seem to get time among all your other responsibilities to get it done. And you find yourself avoiding the person because when you talk with them you spend all your time apologizing about the favor, when they've probably either forgotten all about it or else just did it themselves because holy cow it wasn't a big deal and it was taking you forever.

Yeah, I've kind of been avoiding blogging because the Oscar pool results were hanging over my head. You'd think I was being asked to do my own taxes or something. (My accountants and the German and American tax authorities are all thankful that's not the case.)

So about the Oscars. I had a great time watching the big show with Katie. (Well, besides the part where I tried to demonstrate the wonders of modern technology and somehow used our DVR to skip over about 20 minutes of the telecast.) It was Slumdog Millionaire's night, as you know, and while I am not convinced it will stand the test of time as the Best Picture, I couldn't help but be touched and thrilled by the fresh-faced enthusiasm of the cast and crew as they accepted award after award. Highlights for me included Penelope Cruz winning Best Supporting Actress, the Milk screenwriter's speech, and Kate Winslet receiving long-deserved recognition. I'm glad I didn't have to see Mickey Rourke talk about his chihuahua and I like Sean Penn just fine but I wish Frank Langella had won. Also, I made some killer guacamole, which was delicious.

And now, the pool results. My sincere apologies for taking a year and a day (well, just a couple of weeks, actually) to get the results tabulated. Thanks to all 37 entrants. Repeat players will note that our big winner, Melanie, has been in either the first or second spot all four years we've played this game. If she doesn't watch out we might have to name the award after her. Notably, she picked only three of the 24 awards incorrectly. Next year, let's all take her to Vegas. Second place goes to my blog pal B. who has had kind of a rough year so far and deserves some good news. Neat prizes will be headed their way soon.

Oscar Pool 2009 Results, by name and number of correct predictions:

Melanie: 21
B.: 19
Anna B.: 15
Sandi: 15
Tom: 15
Courtenay: 14
Scott: 14
Aubrey: 13
Kari: 13
Kylee: 13
Chad: 12
Charles: 12
Erica: 12
Katie: 12
Kristen: 12
Hollie: 11
Martha: 11
Britten: 10
Christina: 10
Daniela: 10
Dina: 10
Kerri W: 10
Yvonne: 10
Belgian Waffle: 9
Darren: 9
Gerry: 9
Ingrida: 9
Jennifer: 9
Kerri B: 9
Emily: 8
Janice: 8
Kassie: 8
Amy: 7
Julia: 7
Julia D: 7
Kendra: 7
Mike: 7

(Special shout-out to those of you who voted for Hellboy II in the Best Makeup Category. Because that made me smile.)


Aubrey said...

Damn. Congrats Melanie.

Melanie said...

Thanks so much! (Insert repeat of Oscar night foreign film acceptance speech that closes with lines from "Mr. Roboto".) And most of all, Blythe, thanks for organizing this!

Kari Chisholm said...

Any chance you could give us a ranking that includes JUST the big ones? Best Picture, Director, the four Acting awards... maybe the two Screenplay awards.

I felt so good about those picks - but all the technical ones, well, those were random guesses. :)

Daniela said...

i agree with kari - and also - i've so middle of the pack every year. i hate being average.

Darren said...

Looks like I'm in the market for a new dart board. It was neither helpful in the oscar pool nor my NCAA bracket. Guess I'll try to give it away on craigslist.

I do have a brush with oscar tale to share and a nominated film to promote. Go see "The Garden." April brings it's theatrical premiere, LA first and then arthouses around the country.

Directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, his second feature length doc after one in '04 called "Our Towne" which chronicled the dramatic production of the play Our Towne in a high school in Compton.

Anyway, Scott Kennedy is a Skidmore College alum and he brought his latest film to campus this weekend that I enjoyed immensely. I joined some students for dinner with him prior to the screening and then he treated us to a great Q&A following the film. He was in line behind Anne Hathaway (another graduate of a top tier liberal arts college in Upstate New York) for the photo shoot with the Academy Director. So I guess I had dinner with someone who once stood in line with Anne Hathaway. Take that Kevin Bacon!

So check this out, watch the trailer and then support the film when it comes to your town!

Blythe thanks for the fun!