Monday, January 12, 2009

Lurker No More

Today's the day to comment. Why?
Because it makes me feel popular and neat, and after that last post you know I need all the help I can get in the self-esteem department.

Also, because there's a prize!

Comment below with your latest favorite song (add a link to your fave version on YouTube if you'd like). It doesn't have to be new music, just something you're enjoying right now. I'll pick one random commenter and send him/her a $10 iTunes or Amazon gift card (your choice). Because I need some new musical inspiration and I need to feel loved.

I would also appreciate suggestions for sappy background music to be used in Theo's Year Two video, if and when I ever take the time to fight with the moviemaking software. You might remember last year's video, which was only a month late. Two months late for year two? That's a good goal. Anyway, this amendment was inspired by Jonniker's comment below. I am a shameless music/inspiration thief.

Speaking of prizes, we're giving away a really cool booster chair over at Mamas Worldwide. The deadline for entry is tomorrow at midnight.


jonniker said...

Not exactly new OR cool, as it's a bit cheesy, but my entire pregnancy, I have sobbed my face off every time I hear Reindeer Section's "You Are My Joy" which you probably have, but here's the video anyway. (WITH KNITTED PEOPLE. MAKES ME WEEP.)

It was also, um, used in Grey's Anatomy, but I don't care.

Also, my word verification is smaktu. Nice.

merrymishaps said...

I posted this on twitter the other day when I couldn't stop listening to this song ... Meiko "Boys with Girlfriends"

I've also since added to my latest favorites Erin McCarley's "Love Save the Empty" and Pony (It's OK).

C N Heidelberg said...

Enjoy some El Guincho (I'm making an effort to not repost any of the music I had on my recent 2008 Music Post):

distracted by genius said...

Well, I'm not really a lurker and I haven't actually been listening to much music. Oh goodness, now I sound like a real loser, eh?
I did just listen to the CD I got from David & Roselyn:
They were guests at one of the weddings I attended last summer and they're pretty neat. I have 'New Orleans Style'

brianfed said...

I acquired quite a lot of music this year but if there are any stand outs, they are as follows:

Duffy - "Hanging On Too Long" and "Stepping Stone" are two of my favorites, but this whole album is one of those that I can listen to again and again.

Blind Pilot, 3 Rounds and a Sound - "The Story I Heard" and "Paint or Pollen" are great, but again, a whole album that I just loved this year. And they're Portlanders! (which i didn't know when I bought the album on itunes.)


Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours"
Ingrid Michaelsen - "Giving up"
Jaymay - "Gray or Blue"
Chairlift - "Bruises" which I totally only heard because of one of those ipod commercials, but is a great song nonetheless.

so do i win?

Hazel's mom said...

I can't wait to see Theo's two year movie - last year's was great.
As to music, I'm looking forward to saying "I knew Loni Rose when..." after she gets her big break. She's a family friend from way back. In the meantime, "Wrong Way Back" is my current favorite at

Anne said...

OK, Ok, I'm here..

Rhiannon said...

My current fave song is Leap Year by Maria Taylor. And, now I shall go listen to it.

Katie said...

In true late bloomer fashion, I am ALL OVER ye olde Paul Simon song "Rene and Georgette Magritte and Their Dog After the War" these days.

What about "The Best is Yet to Come" by Sinatra for the video?

gmcountrymama said...

My favorite song right now is Full Moon by Black Ghosts and I just happened to have put a version of it on my sidebar today!
I got here via your profile which says you like Buffy, in case you were wondering.

G in Berlin said...

I'm actually really enjoying Beyonce's "If I were a Boy". I think it has something to say about sexism and that the video is essential. Nice music too.
I am very non-cool, I guess, but i found this from a link on a feminist blog this week.

B. said...

Well it's definitely not new, but lately I've been listening to 'Pass It On' (by The Coral) on endless loop:

As for Theo, everyone goes sappy for kiddo tributes. I say give him a little edge... maybe 'Mr. Blue Sky' by E.L.O (NOT the Lilly Allen remake). Snippet of the lyrics:

Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you...

Or if you want to go sentimental, go old school with something like James Taylor's 'You Can Close Your Eyes' (this is one I'd sing to Iddy over & over again when she was a baby)

But I think Mr. Blue Sky is a perfect tribute song... not that I'm trying to impose my will or anything (I totally am).

megolomaniac said...

I recently was introduced to Jason Wade's version of "You Belong to Me," which was on the Shrek soundtrack, oddly enough. Jason Wade is the lead singer of Lifehouse, which you will know as soon as you hear his voice. One of my friends at work recently got married and this was her father-daughter dance song. Seemed like it might be good for Theo's video if you're going for sappy and lovey-dovey. :)

megolomaniac said...

Also, check out You can listen to lots of songs there for free, including the one I recommended!

Anonymous said...

Hot n Cold -
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

But, when I get in the car, there are almost always two songs I want to play and sing at the top of my lungs:

Bruuuuuce: Waiting on a Sunny Day -

and Liz Phair: What Makes You Happy -

Dani said...

Also - I the last Anonymous Comment was me. I hit the return bar too fast. Sorry!

Jen said...

Hmmm, I'm a day late but what the heck...

I'm dry on a suggestion for the birthday video but I can share a favorite tune at the moment (loving this right now)

Death Cab for Cutie -

Back to lurking :)

Kat said...

I like "Make It Mine" by Jason Mraz. And the video was partially filmed in Munich! Check out this link:

I also like "Spiralling" by Keane.

annalei said...
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annalei said...

I still smile when I listen to "It's a Great Day to be Alive" by Travis Tritt. Yes, my country days in Texas. My true colors...

Leigh Johnson said...

I read at least once every three weeks Blythe. I like your way with words.

New music, I don't know. For an LC connection, I always like Laurel Brauns, especially Swimming.

Katie @ said...

I'm Katie. I'm from Montana, live in Berlin, and I drop in probably once a week. So hi!

Sandi said...

Both of my picks are directly related to having a Disney channel aged child. But I'm telling you you'll love them.

Aly & AJ "Like Whoa" - it's so catchy

Jonas Brothers "Burning Up" - this video make me laugh because only the parents will understand it.

Tom said...

I've been into Marc Broussard for quite some time now. Kim saw this video on VH1 one morning:

and I've been hooked ever since. This song is a bluesy New Orleans-type clip...quite different from most of his other stuff.

As for Theo's video, you might check out his "Where You Are":
It's a love song, which might be...awkward in some stretches, but I think if you can get past the first verse's mention of alibaster skin or whatever, you might have a winner.

Bonus: he's playing in Portland on the 22nd...