Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it Schnee

Last week Theo and I barely left the house, mainly just to walk across the street and check the empty mailbox. It started out feeling cozy and ended up feeling a bit like we had been stranded in a snow cave somewhere -- well, a snow cave with a furnace and a lot of Christmas cookies. We left Portland Friday morning and after almost being stranded in Seattle and then getting on a plane we were told would probably have to divert to Spokane, we eventually landed in Montana. The temperature here is in the single digits but it feels so much less claustrophobic, with people zipping along the streets, many of them without so much as a set of snow tires, and grocery shopping and fa la la la la.

Apparently we made it out just in time, as our street was featured as one of the most treacherous in the city and everyone we know is huddled near a fireplace as ARCTIC BLAST 2008 dumps more snow everywhere. Even the mall is closed, which is a pretty big deal on the weekend before Christmas.

I still haven't unlocked the precise reason a snowstorm in the Pacific NW is so different than one in Montana. I know it's got a lot to do with frequency (duh) and snowplows-per-square-mile, and wet snow versus dry snow and all that. But there's got to be a psychological component too. All the psychic energy of those schoolkids, willing another day of sledding instead of another day of school, can't all be for naught.

I'll be away from the blog for a few days. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2009. Thanks so much for reading.

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bejewell said...

I live in Austin, Texas, and on the one or maybe two days per year that it actually snows here, it's like the world SHUTS DOWN. In our defense, we DO usually get hit with more than just snow, ugly stuff like sleet and black ice, but for the most part it's just us silly Texans being a bunch of wussies.

Hope you had a great holiday! From one Blythe to another!