Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's a New Day

I'm a little exhausted by all the end-of-year wrap-ups that surround me. Magazines, TV shows, blogs, twitter, everyone resolving and reflecting and I just can't seem to catch a quiet moment to think about this stuff for myself. I love Linda's questionnaire and it's sort of been hanging over my head all week, and I've just realized that I'm not going to get it done. Why can't I find time to reflect on 2008?

Maybe because this year has been a less-than-great one for so many of my friends and acquaintances - lost jobs and difficult relationships and even the little stuff like bad weather over the holiday season that put a damper on Christmas this year. And I want so much for 2009 to be better for all of us. I want to feel calmer and in better control of just about everything in my life. But as much as I'd like to put 2008 behind me, I don't feel ready for this bright new year of possibilities. My house isn't clean, we haven't even opened half of our Christmas gifts yet, and even my to-do list is unfinished. But the calendar page is going to turn whether I like it or not. Whether I'm ready or not. So here I come.


Courtenay said...

Someone I admire likes to say, 'There is no past or future. There is only this moment.'

and everything around you
is as it should be
in this moment.

I have to repeat this sentence when I get lost in all of my to-do-lists!! Drive myself bananas.

coral said...

Hi Blythe
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Blogging can make the world seem so much smaller, with all the little connections you find. Hope you find 2009 a little more peaceful. And a little warmer.

Katie @ said...

So well put, Blythe! The new year is so full of potential that I almost want to just keep on ignoring the dust on the coffee table.