Monday, November 17, 2008

What Theo is Doing Right Now

Well, right this very moment, he's asleep. But besides sleeping, here's what else he does:

-Says Mo Peez Mo Peez Mo Peez (More, please) over and over in a screechy whiny voice when he wants something. I'm trying to focus on the good manners but the delivery leaves much to be desired.

-Points to my leg and says Mama pants! and points to his leg and says Theo pants!

-Asks me to sing Wheels on the Bus when he is trying to delay naptime.

-Has a crush on Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street.

-Steals the rolling pin out of the kitchen cupboard, takes it into the living room, and lays down on his belly on top of it and rolls back and forth.

-Always wants broccoli for lunch.

-Whimpers No Loud? No Loud? every time I go near the KitchenAid mixer.


jennifer said...

Broccoli for lunch? How'd he jump on the healthy bandwagon so early?

The rolling pin thing sounds like a budding future yoga instructor. Except I think they tell you to roll around on your back. Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea right now, 'scuse me while I go root out my rolling pin...

Katie @ said...

Wow--I'm impressed with the broccoli part, too! You must be a rocking mom.

B. said...

Sydney was terrified of the blender when she was Theo's age. She called it the 'Not Now' and was so phobic about it that we eventually hid it in the garage. Then, around the time she turned 4, we sat her down and explained that milkshakes & smoothies came from Not Nows.

And after much trepidation and hand-wringing (mostly mine), Sydney finally conquered her fear. Which just goes to show... there's nothing a milkshake can't fix.