Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Night Questions

-When did I start liking Christina Aguilera? She used to drive me up the wall but I kind of love her now.

-Is there anything better than moving into a house with pre-strung Christmas lights? Well, maybe a house with a built-in housekeeper/gardener, like that robot on the Jetsons. But I'll take what I can get.

-Have you noticed I'm totally ignoring the lack of comments on that post where I asked you to comment? I'm trying to be cool and not feel sort of embarrassed about it.

-Have you read anything by Anne Lamott lately? You totally should.



Katie said...

Xtina had me at "all I want is you". I love how at first she got so much lip for being "slutty" but it turns out she's the one married with a kiddo and no court dates to date. HA!

distracted by genius said...

I turned on the radio yesterday and Anne Lamott was talking on This American Life and I felt like I was getting a message from NPR that I needed to read her writing (and I really, really do). Therefore, my big plans for post-file reading over Thanksgiving is to read as much Anne Lamott as I can.