Monday, November 24, 2008

It Was All Purple

I was inspired earlier today by Jonniker's post to seek out video from the 2004 Grammy Awards, of Beyonce and Prince tearing it up to Purple Rain. And I was totally going to embed the video here and call it a post, since if you haven't seen it, you really must, the two of them together practically set my TV set on fire, and that was on two-day tape delay thousands of miles away.

But Prince and his infinite control issues have apparently scoured the internet and removed all traces of the video. That's part of his charm, I guess. So you'll just have to trust me on this one.

And since I just got home from my book group where we did actually discuss the book, (we re-read a book we'd read a decade ago (how great is it that my book group has been together for something like 15 years?) and discovered we still liked it a lot the second time around) I'm going to have to blame Prince for the severe lame-ness of this post.

I advise you to break out your Purple Rain soundtrack (What?! You don't own one?! Download that baby, stat.) and thank me later.


jonniker said...

I wasn't allowed to listen to Prince growing up. He was "too sexualized." Seriously. Even now, if I admit I own something he made to my mother, she FLIPS OUT.

Blythe said...

Is SHE the one who removed all of his videos from the internet?

(I had a friend whose mom was that way about George Michael. But for some reason The Rolling Stones were OK. I try to remember this when I am shocked by something I hear on the radio.)