Sunday, November 09, 2008


I'm making a Life List. Go on, call me woo woo, an Oprah-lover, what a total girlyblogger thing to do. Creative visualization and all that.

I'm having a hard time getting it going, though. Maybe because I'm still trying to decide whether I should put on makeup today or not. And it's currently 1:52pm.

Can you help me? What's something you would recommend doing before I die?


kerri said...

Working on my "60 things to do before I'm 60 post for my 30th birthday - so this cracked me up! You've got have the Kentucky Derby and the Ice hotel on the list! Ha!

annaleib said...

What about the World's Longest Garage Sale? I totally need a partner or two for that one! (And I know how you like Garage Sales...)

Courtenay said...

I love your list so far!

How about 'write a book' - I know it's in there.

Hike the Grand Canyon?

Spend a whole weekend in bed when perfectly healthy? Once in a lifetime won't hurt!

Jackie said...

Try a zip-line.