Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Away

I'm waffling about whether or not to do NaBloPoMo this year. There are so many excuses not to, but then again, what the hell.

As I mull over this dilemma, feel free to read what I've written elsewhere. If you're into that sort of thing:

-Win a pair of cool kids' shoes over at Mamas Worldwide.
-Check out all the great kids' activities in Portland, OR at Alpha Mom.
-Learn how to keep your teenager happy (or, well, keep the eye-rolling to a minimum) at Alpha Mom's Guide to Everything.


Tom said...

This was interesting (from the link you posted):

P.S. You must be a blogger to join NaBloPoMo. Sorry to be a meanie but people found adding commercial or graphic adult material to profiles, groups, or forums will be banned.

Is there a certification test one must pass to become a blogger? Do you have licenses?

(I'm being cheeky here, of course, but I'm also genuinely curious, and not very knowledgable about such things.)

Anne said...

Do it, do it, do it. I'm an eldest child, I can't help being bossy. Also, misery loves company.

Blythe said...

There is a complicated initiation ritual involving a roomful of geeks and a motherboard. I'd tell you more but I've already said too much.

Seriously, though, I think the organizer (a well-respected, funny, experienced blogger herself) is just trying to prevent the whole project from being hijacked by blogs that are just a different form of spam. Every entry is populated by repetitive content about enlarging certain body parts or Get out of Debt!!! or some other even less savory opportunity, designed to grab the attention of search engines and direct readers to their products. Participation in NaBloPoMo drives a bit of extra traffic to all the member blogs, which is why a blog like this might try to participate.

You're very persuasive.