Monday, October 13, 2008

Electric Avenue

We are drowning in a sea of instruction manuals around here. The former owners of our house helpfully saved every last piece of paper associated with every item in it, including all of the documents pertaining to its construction. I'm sure I will one day be glad I can find out who installed my furnace, but today I'd just like to know how to make the heat go up from 62 degrees to 72 degrees. Like, right now, not after I've spent fifteen minutes pressing all the buttons on the digital thermostat.

After I gave up on that project, I decided I would try to turn on our gas fireplace. Because that should help me get warm, right? But I've never had one of these things, and even after calling the fireplace company (at a number found in that giant stack of papers, of course) and pressing all the knobs and wishing I owned a pair of protective goggles just in case, I still can't figure out how to ignite the pilot light.

I have yet to really decode the TV instructions and keep turning off the cable box but not the television, or vice versa, so none of it works at the same time.

On the positive side, I found my winter clothes buried deep in one of our moving boxes, so at least I can put on a sweater. And our electric and gas bills should stay really low.


brianfed said...

you could start a fire using all of that paper...but you might regret that later...

Courtenay said...

Look at the bright side...all those papers were in english! :)