Sunday, September 07, 2008

Everything in my brain right now.

I'm writing this post before the pathetic snotty little squeaks begin from Theo's bed. He's had a cold all week and the fever is gone now but he's at that stage where the pflegm is unstoppable. I watch him writhing around attempting to sleep earlier and I knew exactly how he felt because I had the same cold last week and passed it along to him. Thanks a lot, Mama.

I watched the VMAs tonight and was bummed that I either missed the Britney performance or she didn't perform at all, in fact sent an android instead to say "Thank God Thank Beautiful Family Thank Fans" every time a microphone was put in front of her. But Christina Aguilera did perform what appeared to be a Britney song with Britney's back-up dancers in a Britney wig, so maybe that counts?

I've had a bunch of different reactions to the Sarah Palin nomination. I've felt alternately a little unexpectedly thrilled (Wow, someone like me (from a small town, has girl parts and brown hair) standing on the stage, receiving the nomination), insulted (Just because I got a little thrill from seeing her onstage, I'm not smart enough to pay attention to her politics?), fearful (Let's make sure John McCain has an entire medical team next to his office (you know, in the one Leo McGarry used to occupy?) if he's elected), saddened (Bristol deserves to go stay at Shania Twain's Swiss retreat for a few years), embarrassed (I can't believe I'm judging someone else's parenting like this, I swore I wouldn't do that, but who hangs her family out for the paparazzi like that?), and slightly hopeful that this will swing things the direction I'd like them to go. But we'll see.

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