Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Land that I Love?

When did Ryan Seacrest become more famous than Oprah?

When did everyone decide that GOING GREEN was the cool thing to do, and that they needed to put it on labels and bumper stickers and billboards and t-shirts and in places that could not possibly be environmentally friendly but we're going to force it anyway because it's so trendy?

Why did they turn my favorite greasy suburban Chinese restaurant into a sketchy Mongolian BBQ place?

When did Crocs become business attire?

Why oh why did my local newscaster get bad plastic surgery so that she now looks like Janice Dickinson with a dye job?

When did Dr. Oz become the new Dr. Phil?


Christina G said...

Who is Dr Oz?

bejewell said...

God I love the Blogosphere. I think the last time I met somebody else named Blythe was 1994 or something.

In fact, my whole life I think I've only met two others - one through a mutual friend ("you two have GOT to meet, it's just too crazy!") and one when I was working at the Limited in high school and she came in to try on back-to-school clothes, which she was doing uneventfully until I heard her mom say "Blythe, how do those fit?" and I practically attacked the poor girl - "Your name is Blythe, too? Ohmygod I don't believe it! Me too! Me too!" - like some deranged lunatic.

I'm not gonna do that now. I swear. I'll just say "Hey, cool, me too," and leave it at that.

I'm totally NOT a stalker. I've come a long way since then.

Chantelle said...

Wow. You are already more assimilated than I am. I am still trying to get over sales tax being added every time I pay.

Blythe said...

Christina G-
He's Oprah's newest protege. He's less home-fried than Dr. Phil and has better credentials (he's an actual surgeon) but good grief he's on almost every day. I'm tired of watching him gleefully drag out a jar of intestines or warn viewers once again that Smoking Is Bad.

I've been known to engage in the same stalkerish behavior (exhibit A: the comments I left at your place). And, by the way, did you see the Canadian diver named Blythe? I think I might put a poster of her on my wall.

I'm living in a state without sales tax or I'm sure I would feel the same way! And don't imagine I've assimilated - today I brilliantly left my ATM card behind in the machine because I was used to the German ATMs that won't give you your money until you remove the card.

Kerri said...

Yes, Blythe, it's all true. I somehow feel like I let you down and didn't keep you filled in while you were away. Jeff and I were equally saddened at the passing of Canyon Pearl and equally disturbed by the rise of Dr. Oz. Like him and all, but enough already!!!
At least you still have Burgerville. :)