Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things Theo is Doing Right Now That Are Killing Me

Warning everyone not to get too close to the stove.

Lining up all of his cars and yelling CHOO CHOO, then separating them and parking them in a row under the couch.

Smelling his own feet and giggling.

Repeatedly trying to convince me that he can climb the stairs by himself, when his little legs are not long enough even to step up a curb.

Holding a calculator up to his ear and saying "Hewwo?"

Figuring out that saying "Please" will get him almost anything he wants.

Using different dance moves depending on the tempo of the song.

Saying HUUUUUUG and then walking up and hugging people. Mostly people he knows, but I can see where this is headed. Soon he'll try to hug the cashier at the grocery store.


Meg said...

I loved this so much that I read it out loud to Brian so we could laugh at it together. Thanks for making my day, Theo and Blythe.

Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Courtenay said...

You have made my day. :)