Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bon Voyage

Did I mention that Theo is finally walking? As in, taking steps, going from place to place all by himself. I had that Holy Crap moment a few days ago as I watched him stand in the middle of the floor, guzzle water from a sippy cup, then hand it back to me and say WATER. That moment when I realized I need to start calling him My Son instead of My Baby. As in, "My son is cutting his thirteenth and fourteenth teeth right now, so don't get too close because he may unexpectedly shriek in your ear before gnawing on an article of your clothing."

These developments should make our upcoming trip to France - including but not limited to a flight scheduled for maximum naptime upheaval, followed by a four-hour ride in a rental car of indeterminate size - a thrill a minute. Who takes a vacation just before an international move, you ask? Apparently, that's the best way to go, since we spent four days in Vegas just before we moved here and now we're off to a family wedding. The anticipation of a week of sipping wine and eating cheese while adoring family members chase after my toddler(!) has successfully numbed my anxiety about packing all of our stuff and tossing it on slow boat before boarding yet another transAtlantic flight, not to mention looking forward to several weeks of corporate housing and suddenly being thrust back into that world where people are going to ask me What I Do.

You won't see much action around here for the next couple of weeks. I should be back to check in before the big Westward Ho!, unless I decide to just stay poolside and learn French.


Maria said...

tres bien! And no-- you did not mention walking! :) sip some wine...and champagne for me, please.

distracted by genius said...

Congratulations to Theo on his walking and talking abilities! I'm very impressed, but will be more impressed when I get to see him in person next month!!

Bon Voyage and enjoy France to the fullest. Don't forget the chocolate and bread to go with the wine & cheese!

Anonymous said...

Ah, we did a week vacation in France too right before we left Germany. We figured if all of our stuff was gone and we were to stay in a hotel might as well stay somewhere nice and enjoy those final Euro moments. Moving sucks but hang in there it'll be all behind you before you know it!

Best of luck with everything!


Nicole said...

We went to Italy and Switzerland right before we moved from Prague. Figured we had to get some last-minute travel in before we had to take a hellish flight to get anywhere interesting. Must be hardwired in the expat brain. :)

Katie said...

Not exactly related to this post, but being from Montana, you have to check this out: