Saturday, June 28, 2008

Danke Schön

I made the first stop on my farewell tour last night, and it was only appropriate that it was spent with a few of my favorite expat bloggers. B., Katie,Christina (along with her two sidekicks, Rainer and Oliver)and I talked politics and blogs and future plans until almost midnight. We ate Indian food and introduced Oliver to mango-yogurt shakes (a big hit) and inadvertently yet cheerfully explored a bit of Nuernberg I'd never seen before.

I started this blog imagining that a few friends and family members would tune in to see whether we'd survived the first week. I'm still sort of thrilled and freaked out that anyone else ever reads and comments here, and that I've actually met some of you in person. Honestly, when the first comments from strangers appeared, I got a little nervous. Aren't those people on the internet a bunch of weirdos, building their own mainframes in their parents' basements? And just before B and I met for the first time, I looked at Jeff and said, well, I guess if you don't hear from me you can assume she turned out to be a serial killer.

But despite my slightly suspicious nature, I make an effort to assume the best about people, and I haven't been disappointed by you, readers. I've found friends in a place and at a time that I felt friendless. I've received care packages and shopped for baby clothes and solved blog design crises with people I've met here. That must mean that I've officially become one of those internet weirdos I was worried about.

Blogging, and knowing my blog isn't just for me any more, has been a big part of my Deutsch adventure, and I wouldn't have kept it up if it weren't for you, dear readers. Thanks for being here.


Brian said...

out of curiosity, do you plan on continuing to blog once your stateside?

Maria said...

Keep posting! Please. Oh, and I'm not weird. Well, not bad weird anyway. :)

Blythe said...

I plan to keep posting, as long as people keep reading and commenting. (Brian, when is your blog going to launch?!)