Monday, May 19, 2008

So, here's what I'm thinking

-Can someone please explain why polygamy is serious and controversial (and I'm narrowing this discussion to polygamy=men who marry multiple consenting adult women) while Hugh Hefner living and (supposedly (ick)) sleeping with multiple women is goofy and entertaining? What is the difference, exactly? And why hasn't someone thrown Kendra out of the house yet?

-Am I the only one who was annoyed/amused that CNN can't get the names right in the graphics on this interview with Duran Duran? Yes? (There is no need to remind me that their graphics person was probably not yet born when I was helping the "Wild Boys" video achieve #1 status on DialMTV. I am aware.)

-If you're looking for a campaign t-shirt that includes Hillary Clinton's last name, you must look long and hard. Sure, that makes her kind of cool, like Cher. But referring to her by her first name also makes her seem less powerful and less presidential. I'm normally not one to get all sensitive about the ladies vs. gentlemen thing, but this situation leapt out at me today.

-Speaking of campaign t-shirts, my picks are up at The Tee Room.


G in Berlin said...

I absolutely agree that calling Clinton by her first name and Obama by his last is treating her as shildish and is a form of apparently acceptable (to the media) misogynism and sexism. And I don't think you can show me a case of polygamy that anyone cares about that is only with adult consenting women (that is, that any one cares about in the last 20 years or so) unless it is a left over of sensitivity byan area that has been burned with polygamy as defined to equal having sex with monors and abusing children (that being defined as under 16 or an age difference of more than 20 with the man being older and the girl under 21). Or a reaction to a degradation of "marriage", which many believe to be religious and pertaining only to 1 man/1 woman, as opposed to civil unions or other partnerships:that is, what legal rights would/should pertain to multi-partner marriages?

Blythe said...

I was actually struck when I caught an episode of the Girls Next Door around the same time that I was watching Big Love. People who had never seen the show kept asking me if Big Love was "weird," (and they were referring to the main marriage(s) in the show, not the old man/young girl creepy part). But I'm pretty sure the same people would never have been creeped out in the same way by The Girls Next Door.

Yet another example of how all of my sociological observations are informed by either television or eighties music.

Daniela said...

Isn't it just because she's trying to distinguish herself and say - "HEY - i'm Hillary". I'm not Clinton. You had Clinton. I'm my own person. I'm Hillary.

I've also thought that she didn't do "Clinton" because she didn't want to be accused of riding his coattails more than she is already accused of that.

And, she's so proud of her name Hillary. Did you know that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary the first person to climb mount Everest? Oh wait? You're saying the timing on that doesn't work?

Never mind.

Blythe said...

You're right. She wisely realized that Hillary would make her seem personable and likable and feminine (all things she's been criticized for lacking) and had the added bonus of differentiating her from that guy with the girlfriend and the cigar.

However, you never would have seen W embracing that moniker and putting it on his lawn signs. And since he's the ideal to which everyone should aspire, well...

Oh wait.

clp said...

I suspect the issue is not entirely about polygamy, and quite a bit about the FLDS. I am all for religious freedom (as well as freedom from religion) but this is a group in which the women have no real say in their own lives, and very little access to the outside world (those who do find access are breaking the rules). They are not allowed much education. Sure, you can call them consenting, but they do not choose whom they marry, nor do their husbands choose them. The leader of the group chooses. (Excuse me--I should say that God tells the leader through revelation, and the leader passes it on). They do not get to decide if they want children, or choose how many children they have. I suspect the government has a huge problem with the fact that all except the first wives are single mothers on welfare (the group preaches that it is good to get as much as possible from the federal government, as they are the enemy). And yes, the fact that they call 13 and 14-year-olds women strikes a chord as well. The strictly religious will certainly argue against the entire idea of polygamy--but I suppose they would argue just as vehemently against Hugh Hefner's lifestyle.

I do think the campaign coined "Hillary" as a way of taking a step away from Bill, but I must say that even though I have been an Obama fan for years (ah, Chicago girl) I have been appalled by the media's treatment of Clinton simply because she is female. I can't even go into it or I'll throw my laptop across the room. We have come a long way, baby...but we've so much further to go!

I guess you found the right stuff to finally get me involved in a conversation!

Blythe said...

clp, I can't tell you how delighted I was to see your comments here. I knew we would drag you in eventually!

Tom said...

I wonder if we'd view polygamist chicks differently if they all had breast implants.

Ha! Tom's got jokes.

Seriously, tho, the "ogle" factor certainly has something to do with the Girls Next Door, but it also must be said that they have come to the choice of living with Hef (as weird as that choice may be) at a time in their lives when they were at least of consensual age (chronologically, if not emotionally, he said condescendingly). The poly women are ingrained from birth practically to be subservient to men in general and church elders in particular. It's like racism in the south pre-60's, or being Republican because your parents were. It's what you know.

As for Hillary, it's all packaging and marketing and hoo-ha. Not exclusive to her, of course, the whole shebang is wrought with it - WROUGHT, I SAY!! I don't see the rampant sexism that is claimed by some with respect to Hillary, but I am certainly willing to admit that it's most likely because I'm a big dumb guy and not looking for it. It is not to imply that women are scrutinizing this race for sexism because there is a woman in it.

I can't remember what the third topic of Blythe's original post, but I imagine it had something to do with T-shirts.

Blythe said...

Tom, whatever you do, don't look at yesterday's t-shirt post. There's...well, there is some ruching involved.

I'm really disappointed that no one else is as outraged as I am about the Duran Duran misidentification. Come on, people. Nick Rhodes is a genius.

C N Heidelberg said...

I was annoyed with the first-name issue with Clinton at first, then I noticed that her own campaign that runs her as "Hillary", so...I don't think it was foisted on her by the media.