Thursday, May 08, 2008


Remember a while back, when I said I just wasn't putting enough effort into the blog, and I needed to get my act together or I would consider shutting it down?

I'm not sure I've got my act together, but I'm going to keep going. And, because I am completely illogical, I've started a second blog. Surprise!

Just to make even less sense, the other blog is all about t-shirts. That's it. Just t-shirts. Check it out here:

The Tee Room


Maria said...

LOL! There's nothing wrong with the lack of logic. It's actually quite logical. New blog. New inspiration! :)

Hazel's mom said...

Sadly, I can't see the pictures at the new blog. The home computer and I miss my computer support department. And no, Hazel and I usually go to bed later when Eric's gone. I like to think I'm sleeping longer if I get up later. Whatever gets us through the day, yes?

Marc said...

I like your new T blog and will add to my favorites and link it in my next T blog. But am curious why you choose a T blog.

Certainly T's are great way for people to express themselves.

Blythe said...

Are Hazel and her mom the only ones who can't see the photos? If you can't see them either, please let me know (you could also call Hazel and be her IT support because heaven knows I am no help at all).

I'm glad you like the new blog, thanks for the encouragement. I chose it because I enjoy t-shirts and, you know, I just can't stop myself from gobbling up free blog platform domains.
Good luck with your new venture, too!

Chantelle said...

I like it. I think I want that Victorian T-shirt.

Tom said...

As long as I live, I'll never understand ruched V-neck t-shirts. Or ruching in any form, for that matter. I am decidedly anti-ruch.

Is that really a word, or is this an "All your base are belong to us" type deal?

BTW, Blythe, to answer your earlier question, it was Langbehn. Beat him four to three. I'm sure you're quite shocked!

Blythe said...

Chantelle, I love that one too. It's a very good thing international shipping rates prevent me from buying everything I post.

Tom, I'm sorry to hear about your position on ruching, but I think we can still be friends. Anyone who appreciates AYBABTU gets a pass on the ruching issue.

Also, I probably should have guessed it was him.

Hazel's mom said...

Must comment on the I'm With Stupid T. There's an embarassing photo of me wearing a version of this shirt at about 15 yrs of age. While I'm referring to my younger brother next to me, I'm the one sporting the very sad perm, and my zipper is down unknowingly. Boy the teen years were awkward at times!