Thursday, May 29, 2008


Is reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder a thing? As in, someone gets depressed when the weather becomes lovely and the sun shines and everyone else is outside frolicking and licking ice cream cones.

I promise this isn't going to become another rant about the Germans and their wacky body thermostats. It's just going to be a poor me, I'm sweaty all the livelong day and all the livelong night and that makes me tired and cranky WAH post. I found myself saying to Jeff this morning, "...and ugh, it's SUMMERtime and I'm going to have to psych myself up to get through it."

Who says stuff like that? People with RSAD(tm), that's who. Come on, pharmaceutical companies, work with me on this one.


Maria said...

I totally understand. In Oklahoma, we are already at 90 plus days, with lows of 70s. June and July are usually split between 90 and 100 degree days. I get REALLY cranky-- even with A/C.

Manager Mom said...

I think cheerleaders also use the word "psych" a lot.

May you survive the weather without your sweat glands exploding...