Sunday, April 27, 2008

Twinkle Toes

I've been American Idol-deprived this season, because we are too lazy/cheap to buy a a big-enough satellite dish. The little saucer we own is, apparently, insufficient to pick up the warblings of Kristi Lee Cook most weeks. Maybe I should be grateful. I did manage a couple of blurry episodes, just enough to become a big fan of Michael Johns right before he was undeservedly booted. I expected him to make it to second place, because that's where my favorites usually seem to land (BO BICE! Holla!).

In case you thought I might take this opportunity to spend my newly-freed three hours per week learning Pilates or teaching Theo to recognize the Periodic Table, I'll confess that my reality TV jones has been met by an even more addictive and less impressive fix. Yes, I'm addicted to Dancing with the Stars.

I'm rooting for Jason Taylor (hot! and graceful! and tall!). I almost stopped watching because Priscilla Presley freaked me out, but she is gone now. Carrie Ann Inaba is my new Simon Cowell (she's always right) and I totally believe Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough are getting it on. Kristi Yamaguchi has an unfair advantage (Figure skating involves a bunch of dance training, doesn't it? Kind of like being in a boy band. I'm looking at you, Drew Lachey), and Marisa Jaret Winokur is actually less annoying than I expected.

As you can see, it's hopeless.

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