Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Q&A Part 3 - Life in Europe

What's your favorite place in Nürnberg?
The whole Altstadt is picturesque and pretty. I also love the Furth Stadtparkt, particularly the cafe and surrounding gardens.
Least favorite?
The stairwell in our apartment building. Most days, I'm practically dead by the time I reach the top.

What is Easter like in Spain? It looks really quiet. But Easter in Italy was a loud affair, so I'm surprised the Spaniards aren't more wild.
We've visited Spain twice during Easter weekend; two years ago we were in Barcelona, and this year we were in Madrid. Good Friday seemed like the more important holiday in both places - stores and attractions (including the Prado) were closed. The somber Good Friday processions in Madrid attracted medium-sized crowds. It was back to business as usual on Saturday and Sunday (stores closed on Sunday but everything else was open). I can't report on the nightlife since we went against every Spanish cultural custom and went to bed early.

What about you has changed the most since you've been in Germany (besides having Theo)?
To steal a phrase from my pal Katie, I've become much more comfortable with ambiguity. I still don't enjoy being clueless about my surroundings, but I can live with the feeling. That's a big change for a planner-organizer like me.

If/when you move back to the US, what will you miss most about Germany?
The pace of our life here is slow and quiet. We don't have many nearby options for things to do or movies to see or friends to visit or restaurants to try. That can be the worst thing about living here, but it keeps our days simple. My stress level is very low, and I more readily enjoy small activities like taking a walk or getting an ice cream cone.

How do you suggest a person meet new people when moving to Germany?
Take a group language course, and be open to making friends with anyone, even those younger/older/different than you. Your language skills will match, and you'll be able to explore your new home together. Invite someone in your class to visit a museum or shop for groceries with you. Activities smooth the way when you can't communicate well.

What's your favorite German pastry/dessert?
I love the hot waffles sold at outdoor markets. They usually have a yummy nutmeg flavor and I usually get them dusted with powdered sugar.

Where else in the world would you like to live?
London or New York, if I could also be guaranteed a huge salary.
I would give almost any large European capitol a try. I haven't traveled much outside Europe, so it's hard for me to say if I'd like to live in Asia or South America, for example.

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missbeegail said...

Blythe, I'm woefully behind on blogs but I finally got around to reading these and I love them! I have my own question, if you decide to do more:

Do you feel that Theo came along at the right time in your life? What were the advantages (or disadvantages) of being of "advanced maternal age" when having your first child?