Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Peek Inside My Brain

-The guy who answered the phone at the IRS office in Frankfurt (why yes, there is an IRS office in Frankfurt) sounded like he'd taken a Valium and was locked in a room by himself just waiting for the phone to ring. He didn't want to stop talking to me, and I couldn't interject and get off the phone because he was speaking verrrrryyyy slooowwwwlly and slurring a little.

-Ate mall pizza for dinner last night. Not quite Sbarro, but it worked for now. If anyone can find me a Panda Express or a Chik-Fil-A, I'll buy you an egg roll or some fries.

-Got a little depressed this afternoon when I learned that two of my favorite bloggers are getting divorced. Someday I'll learn that most of my "internet friends" probably think of me as a "stalker," but that doesn't stop me from getting emotionally invested.

-I'm a little cranky about the Miley Cyrus photo flap. Methinks her apology has less to do with her feeling exploited and more to do with Disney's conservative target audience. Annie Leibovitz probably doesn't need my defense, but I am here for her if she needs me.

-Making hummus for dinner. There will be food besides the hummus, but who cares about that? When there's hummus, I mean?


G in Berlin said...

My gosh- you have a mall?I'm a bit envious.
I have to say I feel a bit for Miley Cyrus. I think 15 is both too old and too young to have Annie Liebovitz (whose work I love)taking "nude" photos for publication. I think that it's exploitative and pandering to pederasty. Just my opinion.

Maria said...

My thought on Miley-- it wasn't appropriate, but it is just as much hers, her parents, and her "handlers" fault as it is the photographer, and you're right. She is only sorry because Disney is upset.

G in Berlin said...

To chime in again (and I like Miley Crus, btw, in the interests of full disclosure), the girl is 15 and I am certain quite easily awed by Liebovitz into doing whatever she is told is the best thing. I would have been, perhaps all the way into my mid-20s, when I grew a big set. And specifically, her parents weren't there. Her grandmpther and a teacher were there and I bet that they were also over awed. I don't think her parents would have been. Her dad, because he is familiar with superstardom (and Libovitz is a superstar) and her mom because 1. I hope she would know better for her daughter';s sake and 2. she probably is also more worldly from being married to Billie Ray Cyrus.

Maria said...

Are you sure G? If you look at the slideshow, you see a photo of her with her dad and another with her mom in the background.


G in Berlin said...

Yes, I actually read several articles on this (I know...). Her parents had left when these shots were taken. They were there before, which I think makes it even more clear that Ms. Liebovitz waited until they were gone to press for those shots, then said that Miley was protected by " her parents or caregivers at all times".

Blythe said...

I love Annie too, and I can imagine being awed by her in a photo shoot. However, I find the outcry that a) 15-year-olds shouldn't have photos like this published and b) Miley Cyrus is suddenly being exploited, to be frustrating. If the public were so bothered by this, why didn't it make news when other, similarly young, women have been photographed in this way? And why is this particular photo an exploitation when her face has been on lunchboxes and billboards for a long time? I feel for her and certainly don't judge her (I don't even want to think about the embarrassing things I would have done as a famous teenage millionaire) but I am irritated with Disney and their PR machine for deciding that this particular photo crosses some imaginary line.

I've read a couple of places (embarrassingly, the only one I can find right now is from People magazine) that her parents were around for most of the shoot, but they left at the end and were absent when The Photo was shot.

Maria said...

Ah... that makes more sense to me then. I (fortunately or unfortunately) haven't had the time (or really all out desire) to read multiple stories. Don't think I didn't blog about it though (A Piece of My Mind if you want to check it out). LOL!

Why didn't she have the ability to preview/approve shots? Also, I'm not all the comfortable with that little green dress either. yikes!

G in Berlin said...

Well, she's 15. I don't think she is old enough to really approve these types of things, going back to the concept that she is a child and surrounded by SuperStars. She's only been doing this- what 2 years? With her dad there and sheltered on a Disney set. And she's 15. I don't know other cases like this bit I can assure you I was pretty angry at what happened to Brooke Shields and I don't ever approve of setting little girls up as sexual objects.
I'll stop here- I'm getting a bit too intense, I think.

barbetti said...

All I heard was hummus.


Chantelle said...

I am with you Blythe. The pictures are possibly over the top, but the fake self-righteous indignation of Disney bugs me.

Tessie said...

I was SO BUMMED about the Moxie/LOD divorce too! So sad!