Friday, April 25, 2008

I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die

I loved hearing what we were all like in high school. It's too bad we couldn't have formed our own clique, quoting Star Trek and dating underclassmen who listened to They Might Be Giants and feeling awkward together. If only I had heard of They Might Be Giants in high school. This exercise just reminded me of exactly how isolated I was. I recall asking my mom to buy whatever cassette tape was on the top of the charts at the record store in Billings - I didn't know or care what album it was - when she visited there, just so I could listen to something popular and new. It's no wonder I'm an internet junkie now; I feel like I need to know everything, all the time, since I spent my formative years feeling like I was missing out on the big world outside my hometown. Of course, now I like to go back and unplug the computer and look at the mountains. Just for a while.

Thanks again for playing.

CN Heidelberg:
I love that you think of Ames, Iowa as a big city. If I had lived anywhere near a college town (or Omaha!) I would have been hanging out there every weekend too. (If I'd first received full parental approval, of course, because I was all about following every rule to the letter back then. It was good training for living in Germany.)

I am so impressed that you received an official slacker notification letter.

Me too.

I quoted The Cure and tried to seem dark. Which just confused people, since I was usually sporting a perky perm and wearing pink socks that matched my pink Esprit sweatshirt.

Eric? Is that you? It must be. I'm glad to know that you will forever be remembered in the Polson High School trophy case.

I'm still waiting for my pound of flesh to appreciate. Any tips?

I had no idea you were dating freshmen. Who came in second?

I could have joined your 'honest & good' club. My best friend and I used to leave campus and get frozen yogurt when we were supposed to be helping grade papers in the study hall. We were living ON THE EDGE.

I'm pretty sure it was below freezing on my high school graduation day. In May.

I heartily agree. I was so grateful at my ten-year class reunion when everyone was nice to me. I half-expected them all to glare at me because their memories revolved around me trying to get everyone to Just Say No and to attend pep assemblies. But they had apparently forgotten (or forgiven) all that and we had a good time just being happy to see each other. That's how life should work.


britten said...

My socks always matched my sweatshirt, too -- and also usually my earrings, belt, and occasionally the rubberbands on my braces. And if my sweatshirt had more than one color, I made sure to wear that accent color as a second layer of socks (though, now that I think of it, this was more middle school than high school for me).

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me Blythe. I am too lazy to set up an account. BTW - we have a new President at st. martians, life can only get better.