Thursday, April 24, 2008

The gummi bears are in the mail and other important updates

While I was away, the following was accomplished:

-I spent my thirty-seventh birthday in Croatia, visiting the town my great-grandparents left to begin a new life under the stars and stripes.

-I read the latest Vanity Fair and was frightened by Madonna's footwear.

-Theo learned to say "yucky."

-I picked a winner from your comments on my last post. Congratulations to our big winner, Erin, who I'm certain will thoroughly appreciate receiving some German treats. Erin, leave a comment or send me an e-mail with any special requests. I loved reading all of your responses to my question. I'm mulling over a post on this topic. I know you can't wait.


distracted by genius said...

Wow! I won? I never win! This is a *very* exciting day for me. Thank you!

I would like a Kinder Uberraschungs Ei. I'd ask for a Milchschnitte, but I don't think they'd made the trip... I am a devout fan of both Milka and Haribo, so I will be quite thrilled with anything you might like to send! Do you need an address?

Vielen Dank :-)

Katie said...

Hey lady, can I borrow your Madonna VF if you're done? How small a carbon footprint do you think her shows leave? Hmph.

Blythe said...

distracted: Send me your address, or else I'll just send the package to the office (but then you might have to share).

katie: I'll save Madonna for you.