Monday, April 07, 2008

Q&A Part 4 - Family, etc.

What's Jeff's most endearing quirk or habit?
He can never remember how to sing any particular song (words or melody) so he makes them up. His version of My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music includes the line "raindrops on noses and soft subtle kittens."

When do you think Theo will get hair?
I'm kind of hoping he stays bald until he is old enough to wash his own hair.

Does Theo know any German?
I'm not sure. Maybe that's why we can't understand half of what he says.
Seriously, though, the words he's learned are all English as far as we know. He doesn't hear that much German on a consistent basis - we speak to him in English and our TV is in English - so probably not. I know you're dying to know what words he says, so here they are:
Car (assigned to anything vaguely mechanical)
Ball (assigned to anything vaguely round)
Gigi (his stuffed giraffe's name)
Bye bye
Uh oh

Do you prefer Jeff's hair long (like now) or short?
I really like it long.

How did you choose Theo's name? Do you pronounce it in both the English and German ways? What other names did you consider?
We wanted a name that was slightly unusual yet familiar and pronounceable. We pronounce it in English (The-o) unless we're introducing him to a German-speaker; then it's just easier to say it in German (TAY-o).

A man is hiking up a snowy mountain and comes across a cabin. Inside the cabin is a small fire and two dead men. How did they die? (They did not burn to death)
Asphyxiation from smoke inhalation. There was a dead varmint blocking the chimney.

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