Monday, March 31, 2008

Q&A Part 2 - Pop Culture

What would The Matrix have been like if Will Smith had played Neo?(he turned the role down)
I'm no advocate for Keanu Reeves's acting abilities, but he (or probably his agent) is a genius when it comes to choosing roles suited for his wooden delivery. He looked cool and animatronic and that's what Neo was all about. Will Smith as Neo would have meant The Matrix as (Insert Forgettable Action/Adventure Movie Here).

In your opinion is Britney Spears a bad mother?
I could write an entire blog filled with my opinions (based on biased popular media coverage and my own highly untechnical and wholly uninformed armchair psychology) on the Britney situation. I think her current behavior is due to a collision of fame, immaturity, money, bad advice, stubbornness, cultural values (her culture being lower-income American south), and a case of postpartum depression. I don't think she's a bad mother, I just think she needs to get the right kind of help and to grow up a little before she can be a good one. I suspect millions of mothers make the same kinds of choices she has made, but their mistakes happen behind closed doors. I hope she turns things around, but to do so she needs to give up the media attention she's lived with for her entire adult life, and I'm not sure she can imagine how to do that.

I finally started reading some Chuck Klosterman -- how do you feel about Billy Joel?
"Billy Joel's Greatest Hits" is one of my top-five sing-along albums for long car trips. I once spent a long stretch of highway memorizing all the lyrics to "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant."

Christopher Hitchens: total pompous douchebag; really smart; little bit of both?
Both. And that's why gets the big bucks. But I'm glad I don't have to sit in the cubicle next to his.

You're invited to attend the Oscars. Which designers would YOU invite to create YOUR gown?
First, I would hire a stylist, preferably whoever styles Jodie Foster because I have the feeling she doesn't have fantastic dress sense but she always manages to look good at red-carpet events. Then, I would have my stylist place a call to Narciso Rodriguez's people, and have Valentino's people on the line as backup. Also, s/he could do some shopping at the Chanel warehouse because vintage Chanel might work in a pinch.

Who are your writer crushes?
Jon Stewart goes without saying, right? And, since I'm all about the funny geeks, Cameron Crowe and Joss Whedon are right up there too. I can't come up with anyone outside the TV/Movie realm. Maybe I'm too jealous of print writers to have crushes on them?

Q&A Part 1 - About Me


Anonymous said...

Keanu Reeves is a graceful, fluid actor. He is a natural athlete, which has been proven over and over again in his 50+ films. His character in Speed was loose yet ruthlessly precise. Watch the first 5 minutes of Point Break where he's drawing his gun on a shooting range in the rain. I don't get why people think he's wooden because his style isn't exaggerated like too many actors. Trying actually looking at him some time. Like in his new film, Street Kings, which by everything I've seen so far totally rocks. He's a bulldog in this one. Watch an old flick called Tune In Tomorrow. His comic timing is flawless and his dancing is just gorgeous. *scratching head*

Blythe said...

I'm a totally amateur critic, especially when it comes to acting, so maybe you're right, maybe he is a great overall actor, especially when it comes to physical roles. I can appreciate that talent. (I loved The Matrix, after all.)

But whenever I watch him in something that requires portraying emotion (even something kind of over the top, like A Walk in the Clouds), he just sounds like either a smirky surfer or like he's trying too hard. I laughed in all the wrong places during Much Ado About Nothing because of him. (Maybe a rare instance where his good sense in choosing roles failed him.)

This is all said with a huge lack of general Keanu knowledge - I've never even seen My Own Private Idaho after all - but hey, it's my blog. I'll play.

Thanks for your comment.

melanie said...

I like Keanu Reeves because, well, I like to look at him. It's true - there is something about the hair and the eyes that does it for me. I usually don't admit that out loud and feel rather shameful doing it now. It has nothing to do with his acting ability. I did like My Own Private Idaho though and I think you are right about the Matrix.

Other things from your post: I do know all the words to Italian Restaurant and I agree about the whole Britney Spears thing - I try and stay away from the gossip but really part of me just wants to help her. I always said I wouldn't wish "child celebrity" on my worst enemies and Britney just enforces that belief.

*melanie from

Blythe said...

Melanie, maybe that's my problem, I do not find him attractive. Because although I am not about to hand an Oscar to, say, Orlando Bloom, I could watch him all day long. (Yes, I know, he looks like a girl. I have no problem with that.)

It seems like there are many people who want to help Britney. But Britney isn't asking for help (except from Mel Gibson, did I read that in People magazine? wow.). As anyone with a troubled family member knows, they've got to want to change. (That Psych class in college really stuck with me. I'm sure Britney appreciates my analysis.)

EuroTrippen said...

I'm glad to see you're not on the bash Britney bandwagon. Under the microscope we're probably all bad mothers.

And Christopher Hitchens drives me completely nuts. He IS smart though...