Friday, February 15, 2008

Sugar Cookies and Cilantro

I really meant to take a photo of the Valentine cookies I baked, but I took most of them to my book group and took some to a playdate yesterday and then I ate the last one for breakfast this morning. People love iced sugar cookies and since no one besides the Thriftway bakery seems to make them any more, they're always well-received gifts. Usually the recipient says something like, "Oh, I haven't had these in years, they are just SO SWEET I don't usually eat stuff like this," before inhaling the cookie and its accompanying icing in three bites.

It's a good thing they're gone because we're leaving town tonight and I didn't want to be burdened with them anymore since I already have to clear out the contents of our fridge before dinnertime. I plan on eating three packages of lunchmeat, apple juice, cranberry juice, and some leftover spaghetti sauce (with meatballs) for lunch. Then maybe I'll have the three tubs of plain yogurt and four tortills as a mid-afternoon snack, and pack the raw zucchini and cilantro hanging out in the crisper drawer to take on the plane.

Not that I plan on eating anything during the flight. Because accepting delivery of an in-flight meal also means keeping the tray and the food and the tempting (if you are a baby) sticky, foil-covered entree container and plastic cups and cutlery for over an hour on my lap, which will all inevitably end up in the lap of the person next to me (hopefully Jeff, though if he's smart he has called ahead to arrange for a seat five rows away) and the hair of the person in front of me. The kind flight attendants who bring Theo extra pretzels always look at me sympathetically as if to say, "Sorry, Lady, your tray won't fit in the overhead compartment, you're just going to have to wait until we come around with the cart. Would you like a glass of port? Or some duty-free jewelry?"

Fortunately, it's really hot and humid in Bangkok, so when I arrive in a cilantro and duty-free-chocolate-covered shirt, I can just take it off and walk around in my sports bra. I'm sure that will attract a cab.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun! Bangkok is a great city. I predict a spot of shopping.;) How long are you there for? Theo is a cute kid. Love his video. He's got the BEST laugh.