Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oscars 2008: Better Late Than Never Edition

-I love a nice black dress (Jennifer Garner) or a pretty red one (Katherine Heigl) but enough is enough. I actually had an uncharacterstically complimentary thought about Cameron Diaz simply because she wore pink.

-Did you see Gary Busey accost Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Garner on the red carpet? I've read that he might have been drunk, but based on past behavior, I think he is just CRAZY. And isn't it awesome that he gets to go to the Oscars? It gives me hope.

-Fashion Favorites: Keri Russell (Gwyneth should have hired her tailor the year she won to get that pink Ralph Lauren dress to fit this well), James McAvoy's wife (I've decided to embrace her vs. vilifying her as a rival), Marion Cotillard (She's French, she can pull off that fish dress.), Nicole Kidman (The black dress was perfect with that fantastic necklace.)

-Fashion Least-Favorite: Jennifer Hudson should take the advice of some of my more buxom friends (because I clearly have no personal experience in this area) and note that halter(ish) necklines do not flatter The Girls at their most bulbous. She looked gorgeous from the neck up, however.

-Overall there weren't any complete disasters (even Tilda Swinton because she is just so herself, it works for her) because everyone played it safe. Oh, except John Travolta, who looked like Dracula. I hope that hairdo was for a role.

-Is it weird that I thought Daniel Day-Lewis looked kind of hot with those earrings and the wavy hair?

-The best acceptance speeches are always from people for whom English is not their first language; their sentiments are so heartfelt and charming. Do you think there's any chance that I am charming in German?

-I was neutral on Miley Cyrus until now, but boy do I suddenly think she's annoying, and that's just after a five-second Original Song introduction.

-Jack Nicholson either forgot to send his bribe to the seat assigners or else he was slated to sit next to Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem swapped seats for her safety.

-I was glad to see 'Juno' win the screenwriting award - it's the consolation prize for smart movies that Academy voters just don't see as Big Enough to win Best Picture. I finally saw it last week. I though it was sweet and funny (to those who say teen pregnancy shouldn't be funny, I say go watch an after school special. Anything can be funny if it's done right). Of course, I had some nits to pick. The only young actor I believed when that crazy dialogue came out of her mouth was Juno's best friend. And I did not buy the romance between Juno and Paulie. He wasn't cute and nerdy (believe me, I can spot cute and nerdy from a mile away, I'm still pissed that the nerd with the horn-rimmed glasses didn't make the top 24 in American Idol), just kind of boring, and not at all the sharp-witted, funny person that someone like Juno should have gone for. Would I feel differently if I'd seen Michael Cera in SuperBad?

-Hooray for the songwriters from "once." And did I read some gossip somewhere that said they're really a couple? Even if they aren't, that's what I choose to believe.

Oscar pool results will be posted later. Sorry to make you wait. I promise the prizes will be worth it.

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EuroTrippen said...

Superbad was a terrible movie... even Michael Cera should be ashamed.

I've decided next year I'm going back to not seeing any of the oscar nominated films and just guessing - my odds are better that way.