Monday, January 28, 2008

Yes, it's another list

1. I love to bake but have never made really great chocolate chip cookies. I like the chewy (not cakey or crispy) kind. But yesterday I tried the recipe in The New Best Recipes and it is my new standby. Trust those Cook's Illustrated people, they know what they're doing.

2. Apparently winter occurred for two days in November and now it's springtime. Or maybe fall? Where is the snow, Mutter Nature?

3. If you haven't seen Veronica Mars, you must add all three seasons to your Netflix queue. FRACK, people, I'm not kidding.

4. Theo now has nine or ten teeth. He has two or three new ones that appeared without warning the other day, but he won't open his mouth wide enough for me to count them. He has turned from a pterodactyl into a T-Rex.


Maria said...

That you can get him to open his mouth at all puts me in awe of you! The boy refuses... I am dumb enough to stick my finger in, so I know that he has at least two molars poking through.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you post the chocolate chip cookie recipe? Danke!:)

Blythe said...

Here's a version of it:

I think the secret lies in melting the (large amount of) butter, and the fussy egg instructions.

Katie said...

Niiiiiiiiice. That's my culinary goal in life: to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Maybe we need to have a little Logan-a-thon tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Still no teeth for Hazel!

I'm glad someone else besides me appreciates Veronica Mars, my favorite show ever. Well... except for Buffy. If VM had had that many seasons, it would win hands down, but Buffy is the winner by volume. So much great dialogue.

Oh, and it's snowing here today - sorry. I want Spring to arrive early so Hazel and I can go play outside. ~Shalimar

Anonymous said...

Oooh-looks good!! Thanks for the link. Trying it this weekend.