Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I Learned on My Winter Vacation

1. The upside to jetlag: rising early and arriving at Target just as they open their doors, and shopping in peace even on the Saturday before Christmas.

2. Bing was right, there really is nothing like a white Christmas.

3. It is possible to fit 22.5 family members into the JCPenney photo studio. It feels a little like that time you and your four friends managed to smash all your faces in the frame at the automatic photo booth, but everybody does eventually get into the picture.

4. The most challenging aspect of completing a Master's degree thesis is not successfully defending it before a faculty committee; it's getting the freaking format to comply with the graduate office's VERY SPECIFIC rules.

5. Trim your child's fingernails before embarking on a trans-Atlantic journey, or you'll arrive looking like you spent the trip in the cargo hold with a bunch of cats who have escaped their carriers.

6. Three weeks with the grandparents mean Baby is v.v. clean, has gained weight, and Mommy isn't used to dealing with all the interruptions to her internet surfing anymore. Why didn't they teach him to change his own diaper while they were at it?


Lilacspecs said...

welcome back!

Chantelle said...

#4 is oh so true and I am living #6 right now.
Almost makes me want to move back. Almost.