Thursday, January 24, 2008

Massage Therapy

I started a heartfelt post about Britney Spears and how fame is her drug (she is DATING A PAPARAZZO, people, you can't make this stuff up). I mused about how bizarre it must be to learn that, when another celebrity dies (and I won't even mention how that made me sad even though I was not a huge fan, but what a waste. I can't quit you, Ennis delMar) people react by saying, "I figured it would be Britney next." Though a horrified part of me thinks she is in such a bad place that just seeing her name in the paper again gives her another hit.

And we thought Michael Jackson had taken celebrity to its lowest common denominator. He still has her beat, but she's going off into a completely different direction.

ANYWAY, I was going to try to be more coherent than this, but then I read the following:
Masseuse called Mary-Kate Olsen before 911
and really, doesn't that just tell you all you need to know about crisis management in Hollywood? If I ever find a dead body, I'm going to grab my cell phone and give John Stamos a ring, because that Full House cast, they know how to get somebody out of a jam.


tqe / Adam said...

It's nice that we both picked up on the same news story at about the same time... At least People got the important part of the story up front: Call Mary Kate Olsen when you find an unconscious body. CNN buried that detail under the fact that the $20 bill didn't have drug residue (a fact that means either the $20 bill was brand new or it had just been washed, since as I understand it, the vast majority of US currency will test positive for drugs)...

You also made a better choice with John Stamos...

C N Heidelberg said...

"I thought it would be Britney" was my first thought too, sadly.

I heard the same thing about US bills, and Euros!