Sunday, December 30, 2007


I felt a little sorry for myself on the plane because Jeff was seated in the row behind us instead of next to me. Then I chatted for a while with my seatmate, who was traveling from Cairo with her two-year-old and her six-week-old. The tiny baby was on the second long-haul flight of her life, having been born in New Zealand, returned home to Egypt, then packed on the airplane for this Christmas journey just ten days after landing.

Ten days after our own touchdown, we've celebrated half a year's worth of occasions. This tends to happen in big families, I think. We save up all the festivities - birthdays, baptisms, baby and bridal showers - until everyone can be there or it just doesn't feel right. Now, appropriately after such overindulgence, we're feeling exhausted and could use some greasy fast food.

Still on the to-do list: a serious visit to Powell's bookstore; a multi-course Mexican feast; a visit to Montana to complete the Grandma matched set.

And, can you believe it snowed on Christmas day?


Chantelle said...

I did Borders and not Powells and had the Mexican feast yesterday. Now I still need to fit in a shopping trip to Target and I ready for Germany again. Happy Holidays!

Katie said...

Re:your twitter update. Really? I was quite thrilled she ended up with Mr.Marsden, who is increasingly climbing the charts with moi. I was very excited to see Herr Dempsey in fine form vs. his weak sauce character on Grey's Anatomy these days. Also, is it too early to inquire about awards show viewings at your place? I can bring the food.