Thursday, November 08, 2007

Theo Thursday!

We haven't had a doctor's appointment in a couple of months, but based on our highly scientific calculations (ie stepping on the scale with Daddy before bathtime and being measured with my sewing tape on the changing table), Theo is about average for height and off the charts for weight. That would be off the low end of the charts. I'm not exactly sure how that's possible, since he eats more than I do at meals. But based on more scientific studies (ie comparing him to my and Jeff's thirty-six-year-old baby pictures) we think he has probably just inherited the scrawny gene. Which should stand him in good stead later when the German doctors notice he's American.

See how my posting every day gives you a little view of the path of my thoughts?
Scones-->Breakfast-->Overweight Americans-->Skinny Baby!

Anyway, at nine months, Theo has finally decided he has had enough of this horizontal stuff and he is ready to GO VERTICAL. Too bad his bony little arms and legs aren't quite strong enough to get him all the way from laying to standing. But that's not because he's not trying really really hard. And then shrieking from the frustration of it all. So we spend a lot of our time propping him against the couch and waiting for him to tip over and loudly request to be dragged to his feet once again.

Speaking of shrieking, he is still a loud one. He hoots like an owl, crows like a pterodactyl, and sobs (with tears) at will. His latest and cutest trick is clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth, which charms both of his parents. This is further evidence that our entertainment standards have dropped to new lows since we moved out of the USA.

Also, he has six teeth.



EuroTrippen said...

I refuse to believe Theo ever shrieks or cries (with or without tears). When I saw him he was mr. smileypants the entire time!

Maria said...

Most of his nutrition still comes from milk (breast, formula, cows) yet, so even if he eats a ton, most of it is wasted on him. Or so I've read. LOL!

He's adorable, btw. I love the pictures on the side.