Thursday, November 22, 2007

Theo Thanksgiving Thursday

Lately, when I sneak in to check on Theo before I turn in for the night, I've noticed that he is usually lying at the same end of the crib where Jeff put him down to sleep. It signifies for me that he's growing up a little. When he first learned to roll over and then to scoot around, I would find him at the far end from where he started, sometimes with his little feet in their footed pajamas sticking through the bars of the crib because he had wiggled sideways. Then, by morning, he would have wedged his head into different corner completely and tossed his binky on the floor. I wondered how he would ever learn to sleep with blankets and a pillow. But now that he has learned to keep his head at the head end of the bed, and his bare feet at the other end (Did you know that jammies in size 12 months and larger don't have feet? Except Carter's brand.), I guess he is on his way.

He has also mastered the sippy cup. Theo has always been happy to drink anything out of any vessel that anyone puts to his lips, but just this week he finally figured out how to tackle the project on his own. This development could be related to the recent introduction of saltine crackers into his diet. Lesson: if your baby won't feed himself liquid, just pour salt down his throat until he's so thirsty he can't help but suck down any water within his reach.

Theo is thankful for turkey, mashed potatoes, bath time, and the fact that cheese is not a traditional Thanksgiving food.

THEO'S BREAKFAST SOUNDTRACK: Sinatra Reprise, The Very Good Years : Frank Sinatra

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