Sunday, November 04, 2007

Swimsuit Edition

Yesterday we checked out Furth's new swimming pool. It opened last weekend and we were as clueless as usual about it. We saw a sign somewhere announcing the grand opening, figuring they had re-painted the bottom of the kiddie area at the old swimming pool or put up a new diving board or something.

When we arrived we once again realized the benefits of the German penchant for doing everything the right way. Sometimes it's annoying (especially when you are unwittingly doing everything the wrong way, and getting shouted at) but yesterday it was awesome. Because the new swimming pool is basically an aquatic wonderland right in our back yard. I can't even begin to do it justice with a description, so I'll just tell you that there is a two-story pirate ship, three 3-story waterslides, a mini wave pool and an entire wing with five or six hot pools. And we didn't even go into the building housing the multiple sauna and wellness rooms.

You would think we might have noticed this kind of construction project less than a mile from our home. But you would be wrong. And that tells you so very, very much about how we live. Absolutely uninformed, but happy to enjoy the spoils when we finally get a clue.

His name is Theo and he dances on the sand.


Abigail said...

Fun! I was such a water baby as a child. Looks like Theo might be the same.

Lilacspecs said...

ACK!! Blinded by the cuteness of your baby!!

daniela said...

so cute. and seriously? you are the most wee post partum woman ever. well, except for sandi.