Sunday, November 11, 2007

Push It

If you are in my address book, you've probably received an e-mail from me at one time or another that says, "This made me think of you," followed by a link to some blog post about your favorite brand of socks, or a website dedicated to people with one green eye and one brown eye, or that YouTube video where the guy does the history of dance in 30 seconds. Because I'm addicted to the internet and I'm a pusher.

Just in case I haven't sent these to you already, here are some of my latest faves:

WantNot is a bargain shopping site that spreads the love of internet coupons and online sales, all topped with sass and good humor. Save yourself from trolling all those scary, blinking, pop-up filled, badly designed coupon code sites that give me a headache and bookmark this one instead.

Don't you wish you could send this version of The Badger's resume attached to your next cover letter? She wrote that a while back. This month, she's posting her favorite song lyrics every day. Wish I'd thought of that first.

I feel like I'm not a real live mommyblogger without a Superhero Necklace, so either I shut down the blog or somebody needs to buy me one. Who's with me?

Someday, when Theo discovers Legos, I'm going to make this cake for his birthday. For now, he seems to be happy eating and playing with the dirt caked on my shoelaces as he scoots past.

THEO'S BREAKFAST SOUNDTRACK: Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 : Shakira

1 comment:

Lilacspecs said...

I LOVE the superhero necklaces but can only sit and long for one right now :(.

And awesome cake idea!

Oh, and dirt builds immunities y'know...and earthworm have protein!