Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I am making an effort to eat breakfast more often. I never used to believe people who say they just forget entire meals, but for a while I was so obsessed with the morning routine (milk/food/play/pleasepleaseplease nap) that I'd look around at 11:00am, realize I was starving because I hadn't even eaten a piece of the banana I'd so lovingly mushed up, and figure I'd just have lunch early. Which led to hunger pangs at 2pm and a downward spiral of fun-size Snickers bars, whole bags of pretzels, and a Pavlovian response to Dr. Phil ("How's that working for ya?" = mmmm...buttered popcorn).

But I've never been much of a morning diner, so I need help. What's your favorite breakfast? Because I can only eat so many lemon ginger scones. (Well, actually I could probably exist solely on scones for a couple of weeks but I'm going to need some ideas for the third week.)



Anonymous said...

In order of healthiness...

1. Wild berry muesli with fat-free yogurt and fresh fruit on top. Coffee.

2. A fried egg with sunflower bread on the side. Butter and jam optional. Coffee.

3. An everything bagel (from NYC or Long Island) with scallion cream cheese and a slice of tomato. Coffee.

Juice is always avoided because I would rather eat the fruit and deal with water.

- Erik

Katie said...

Huge glass of ice cold non-fat milk. Scrambled eggs (1 whole, 1 just the whites, all whipped up). 2-4 slices thick bacon. 1 slice whole wheat toast with butter. THIS IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.

You won't be hungry until 4, earliest. Oh, and aside from teh toast, you make it all in the same pan, in whatever order you like. I prefer bacon before eggs. YUM.

Kerri Butler said...

Swedish Oven pancake - Yummy! E-mail me if you want the recipe!

Abigail said...

Lately I've been really into multigrain frozen waffles and a side of fruit. Easy to make, easy to eat.

Barbetti said...

First of all, Feist? AWESOME!

And I hear you on the slacking with breaky. You don't need to hear about my handful of reduced-fat wheat-thins I usually grab on my way to the car in the morning.

Lilacspecs said...

Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat with honey or reduced sugar jam, herbal tea

scrambled egg with mushrooms and reduced fat shredded cheese, tomato juice