Monday, November 26, 2007

The Glamorous Life

We've already had one of those evenings where we wondered when Alan Funt was going to emerge from the bathroom closet.

Jeff arrived home at 6:30pm and by 6:45 all three of us were covered in the remnants of a dirty diaper, bath water, and salty tears. It wasn't anything particularly horrible, just a bad blowout and a baby who was tired and naked and cold and decided he was terrified of the bathtub faucet and therefore must wail and weep and pee all over his parents. Dinner was sizzling in a pan on the stove and the dryer was beeping too. There really wasn't much to do except laugh and mop up the various puddles.

Now, an hour later, our bellies are full (homemade hummus and grilled lamb pitas, yum), the baby is asleep, we've had a wardrobe change, and peace has been restored.

I think I might be in bed by 8:30.

THEO'S BREAKFAST SOUNDTRACK: The Best That I Could Do : John Mellencamp


Carol said...

Oh, I definitely remember "baby blow-outs"!

Glad you recovered!


Chantelle said...

I think all you can do is laugh with an evening like that. At least it sounds like you got all of the chaos for the evening over in just a quarter of an hour.

Ahnawake said...

laughter is the ONLY medicine!

skiplovey said...

That sounds all too familiar. We've got one of those days happening weekly over here. Thank god for bedtimes.