Thursday, October 18, 2007


Why does my oven only have a top burner? This causes my peanut butter chocolate chip muffins to become crispy on top.

Why did Theo wake up at 5:30 a.m. two days ago and sleep until 8:30 a.m. this morning?

Should I be embarrassed that, when I read that one of my favorite bloggers is pregnant again, it takes me several minutes to realize that I can't gossip about it to my friends because I don't know her in real life, and they don't know who she is?

Where can I find a scenic pumpkin patch in the greater Nurnberg area?

Should I be panicking because my thesis is due in eight weeks, and I'm writing an inane blog post instead? Also, was it a stupid idea to join NaBloPoMo when I should really be spending my writing energy in November on said thesis instead of asking questions on my blog?


Debbie said...

Yeah, the pregnancy thing seems contagious. I think I'm gonna go with condoms from now on, in addition to my pill!! Maybe shove a diaphragm and a sponge up there too, LOL.

The oven thing... hmm. I thought all German ovens heated on top and bottom! Ours does, but doesn't have any actual coils visible on the bottom. I guess it's somehow heated underneath the metal. I've found that when I use top & bottom heat, baked goods burn. When I use only bottom heat, the bottom burns. Since the oven is overall smaller than normal US ovens, I can't really move the rack up higher to get it farther away from the bottom heat source or the pan won't fit. Agh! Baking in Germany... that's a whole book's worth of trouble.

Katie said...

My oven only has heat from the bottom.

Personally, I'm actually worried about Dooce, whom I BARELY even have been reading let alone personally know!'re not a weirdo, just a nice person :-)

Erin said...

Well, Blythe, I'm a nerdy blog reader so you can gossip about Emily, Dave and Asher to me next time you're in town (or over email)!

Good luck with the thesis!

Brian said...

Dooce is pregnant?! Geeze, you hit the road for a couple of weeks and lose all touch with current affairs...

Barbetti said...

Too funny! Emily is one of my favorite bloggers too, and I completely agree! I looked over to Shane and said, "she's pregnant!" and he said, "who?". I then realized I should just keep my geeky blog-stalkerness to myself.

Husband Clothes said...

She's pregnant again--2008! She's so brave to announce it this early. I waited until I was 6 months pregnant to announce it to my own FAMILY...but perhaps I am overly private.

Now Dooce has plenty of resources to handle post partum depression should she need help. Good for her:)