Monday, October 15, 2007


We're halfway through our day over here because SOMEONE decided to get up at 5am. And then, instead of cuddling with his stuffed giraffe and going back to sleep, he decided that my lower lip should be his comfort item du jour. That'll teach me to forget to clip my baby's fingernails.

Tooth number six is headed down the turnpike. The hair follicles are still far behind. However, in the long run, teeth are more important than hair, right? I mean, there are always hats, and scalp sunscreen. But those teeth you keep in a glass by the side of the bed are a real pain, I hear.

On Sunday, I ate:
A Hungarian delicacy resembling an elephant ear, topped with garlic butter, shredded cheese, and sour cream
Bratwurst in a roll, with mustard
Hot mini donuts
Now that the local street festival has closed, I should probably have some salad.

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