Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bubble Wrap

Do you have things, little items in your life, that give you joy? I mean things like pencils, or fuzzy blankets, or a particular pair of socks that make you happy.

I love my butter dish. I was musing as I took it out of the refrigerator this morning (toast for breakfast) upon its perfection. It is an unusual butter dish - a round pottery bowl that fits in my hand, with a smoothly glazed interior and a grey, nubbly exterior. Its crowning glory, the special feature that raises it above the mere everyday piece of dishware, is its lid. It is slightly rounded and fits perfectly on top. It is decorated with a pretty and slightly abstract blue flower, painted subtly in glaze.

The dish was a gift from my terrific Aunt Carol, who I see roughly once a year and who always finds the best gifts for me even though we don't talk very often and she has not spent much time at any of my homes. Clearly, all those childhood summers when I stayed with her and she and my cousins taught me to sew and play Barbies and bake toffee bars left my impression in her brain somewhere because somehow she just knows what I like.

I used to fill the bowl with Hershey's kisses and put it in the fridge (a habit inherited from a different wonderful aunt). A cold Hershey's kiss is just the thing for that after-lunch hit of creamy sweetness. And then we moved to a place where Hershey's kisses just don't exist (THE HORROR). So candy bowl became butter dish and I discovered that really it had been a butter dish all along, for it was the perfect place to store butter. The lid protected its contents from retaining that fridge-y taste, and it looked pretty on the table, and it was much easier to clean than those long skinny traditional butter trays with the lids.

Do you see how I've begun typing in the past tense? Because tragedy struck this morning, my friends. Just a moment or two after I thought to myself , "I just love this dish, it is the perfect thing, I will keep it and use it this way forever," I dropped it on our cold hard ceramic tile floor and it broke.

That will teach me express my admiration first thing in the morning. What are your favorite things? And before you put your loving thoughts in writing, place the special item in bubble wrap, please.


Carol said...

Mine are my new fake-Uggg boots from Costco. Warm and yummy soft!


Veronica Mitchell said...

I have a beautiful little Japanese teapot that I love, though I rarely use it. I thought it was gone for good when it fell and the handle broke off, but a little porcelain glue made it right as rain again.

Lilacspecs said...

I have a lapis lazuli weeping Buddha that is small enough to carry in my wallet. I keep it on my desk, wherever I live as inspiration.

Katie said...

oh Blythe! TRAGIC! Your butter dish IS divine. Is there no super glue in this country?

I feel your pain. My favorite thing is this big plastic GLO IN THE DARK soda cup from a place called Eskimo Joe's in Oklahoma. I've never even been there, it was my friend (and former housemate,) Suz's cup, but she gave it to me when I moved here to remember her by. It's that sacred cup that everyone used to fight for outta the dishwasher. Anyway, somehow it has a crack now and leaks. I can hardly bear it.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing was a mug that I had made myself. It was one of the first pots I threw, and it was clunky, and just the right size for morning cafe lattes. But it already met its demise. I feel your pain.

Barbetti said...

I have red wine glasses that I adore too much. I had six of them (even though I'm the only person who uses them). I was washing them yesterday and half of them fell out of the dish drain. Of course, this happened as I am telling Shane how pretty they are and how great it will be to break them out for our Christmas dinner party. Discontinued five years ago.


Zoe said...

actually..i love bubble wrap. i love to pop it, pop it, pop it. it bugs the dog though :(