Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wind It Up

Remember that last post? The one with all the starry-eyed wonder at parenting a snuggly babe in the darkness?

Scratch that. It's day five of the jetlag soap opera and I think Theo is bent on torturing me. Also, there's the teething and the growth spurt and did I mention that we scheduled his shots for Monday morning? Also, solid foods continue, leaving him two opportunities per day to cover me and my new pink Gap t-shirt in strained green beans, brought about by his special talent for blowing raspberries to signal his dislike for a particular food item.

In other news, we are very very old. We had tickets to see Gwen Stefani next week, an event that would require a two-hour (each way) drive, much pumping of the breasts, and Theo's favorite buddy/babysitter. But hey, we were prepped and looking forward to a night out. Yesterday we learned that the concert venue had changed to a place without chairs. Yes, that's right, no chairs at all, just little patches of concrete floor. And though I stayed far, far away from the Economics department in college, even this humanities major can calculate that this development has tipped the Cost:Benefit ratio out of favor. Three hours of standing around crushed against the filth of humanity plus car/parking time and also the pumping just doesn't seem worth it even if the payoff is seeing Gwen yodel in person. So I'm planning to crank up Hollaback Girl on my iPod a week from tonight and wear red lipstick. Look out, neighbors.

As long as I'm just dumping the contents of my brain, I may as well share that I've joined The Working Closet photo pool, mainly as an incentive to bathe and dress myself. So if you wonder why I post pictures of myself standing around the house in different outfits, that's why.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! We are traveling to New Zealand and coming back to Germany via the US in December. Yes, crazy. I don't look forward to baby jetlag at all.

I was also reading though all of your "God Bless America" posts. I could really use some cheap socks from Target and some nacho cheese. I wish I could open some sort of time/space portal that would allow me access to certain American stores and foods, without having to give up my German bread and Elterngeld (care of the low German birth rate).

Thanks for saying HI to me and tipping me off on your blog, fellow Ami.

MollyB said...

Love that facial expression!

Thanks for the working closet link. Always room for improvement in that dept.

Blythe said...

Mollyb - I think that's my favorite picture of Theo in his life so far.

Chantelle - As much as the jetlag sucks, Theo actually had a very good trip. I think yours will be around the same age by that time? It's a good time to travel. He's not yet crawling and hasn't yet experienced much separation anxiety, so the long flight and all the friends/family wanting to hold him were OK. It's a pretty smiley phase so everyone thought he was adorable, and he loved looking at all the new stuff. We, too, are going back to the States in December when he is sure to be more frustrated by the restrictions of air travel and may be more wary of strangers. We'll see!

seventh sister said...

I went to see Neil Fin a few years ago and had to stand on concrete the whole time. We were exhausted halfway throught he concert. Then my date came in and wanted to play guitar with me until the wee hours. At least we were sitting down by then.