Friday, July 27, 2007

The Summer of My Drunken Popstar

What can I say about Britney, Lindsay, Nicole, and Paris that hasn't already been said? I find it interesting that, for a couple of them (if the tabloids are to be believed about Nicole), their arrests/rehab stints/head-shaving meltdowns have coincided with parenthood. I guess if the paparazzi were following me around a year ago, when I was hot and sick and pissed about being in a place where I couldn't communicate with anyone, I might have shaved my head too. But I couldn't have afforded multiple rounds of hair extensions during my grow-out, so it's a good thing I just sat around complaining instead.

This year, my American vacation will be very much the same (same destinations, same time of year, same plans for eating my way through the western United States) and so very different. Last year, I was trying to decide which hand sanitizer to place in my carefully-packed carry-on next to my specially purchased snacks. This year, I'm not allowed to bring hand sanitizer on the plane and I haven't even thought about whether I have any clean clothes to wear tomorrow, let along prepared snacks.

So if you see a woman wandering around the Frankfurt airport tomorrow wearing only a Baby Bjorn and a stained bathrobe, look away. And don't worry, I'm sure there's a rehab facility that specializes in my condition: frazzled traveling mommy disorder.


EuroTrippen said...

Hey, just by keeping your panties on under the stained robe you're automatically several steps above hollywood's finest.

My fingers are crossed you'll have nothing but smooth sailing (flying) tomorrow...

mames said...

looks like your heading our way for some of the mexican food you wrote of in your profile. ever had baja fish tacos (socal speciality, well, actually baja specialty). have a great trip!