Tuesday, July 03, 2007

See Biscuit

As we approach the most American holidays (Sorry, Pilgrim, Thanksgiving is #2), I have the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies. And if the weather stays cool, I'll probably give in and whip up a batch. But lately I've concluded that (GASP) America really isn't the cookie capitol of the world. Sure, we have the Toll House, but we just can't compete with the Europeans. They've allowed us our pride as we parade around saying Cookies! We are the only place in the world to find decent Cookies! as we gnaw on stale Chips Ahoy. And then they slyly break out the packet of biscuits and brew a cup of tea.

Besides the health care system, I will one day be very sorry to also say goodbye to the biscuit section of my local German supermarket, and the biscuits I've collected on my travels through Europe. Some people buy postcards and t-shirts, I make a trip through Tesco and cram tubes of milk chocolate digestives into my shopping bag in London, and make one last stop before crossing the Italian border to pick up some Grancereale. And when I discovered the Karamellgeback, I decided I'd better start paying closer attention in German class because I might decide to stay a while.

I'm so sorry I can't have a nice cup of tea and a sit down with each of you to share my discoveries. But next time you're looking for a way to feel at home in a place where it seems like you don't belong, I highly recommend a visit to the biscuit aisle at the nearest grocery store. Let me know what you find.


ChristinaG said...

American cookies are great, but only if they're homemade. The store-bought ones blow.

Have you tried Gille Haferflockengebäck aus Sweden? These are my new favorite cookies.

Now if only Oliver would get his feet out of my ribs I could sit down and enjoy my Kaffee und Kekse!

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to ask for years, but have never gotten up the nerve:

what is a digestive: Is that like a cookie that's going to help your digestion? Or do they just call them that but it's really just a
plain ol' cookie?

Somebody please enlighten me.

EuroTrippen said...

The Lotus Karamellgebäcks put American graham crackers to shame... and they're cheap to boot!

I'm a huge fan of Mövenpick. Anything mövenpick really... their cookies, yogurts, smoothies, and their caramel chocolate bars (with tiny flakes of crystallized caramel) are to die for.

Nicole said...

I had a minor addiction problem with Manner chocolate covered wafers... Evilly good, I tell you.

Now, I'm assuming you're Hobnobbing in the UK? ;) I found some Hobnobs at World Market last summer and almost started crying out of sheer joy.

Now, the brownie is a baked good on which we Americans could base world domination. And they are a cinch to make abroad, unlike the occasionally hard-to-find chocolate chip items.

Blythe said...

Christina - I haven't tried the Gille cookies, but I do enjoy the Dubbla chocolate cookies from IKEA. MMMM....

Anon- I have no idea why they're called digestives. They're kind of like a firm graham cracker. Personally, I use them as a chocolate delivery device (the chocolate-covered ones are best). If you've ever seen "Love, Actually," the dark-haired girl brings Hugh Grant a plate of cookies, and tells him she brought him the "nice ones." She means chocolate digestives.

Eurotrippen-Must go to Movenpick - they have a restaurant by the airport here.

Nicole-Jeff is a HobNobs fan, but I am more of a chocolate digestive purist. When they both appeared at the WorldMarket about year before we moved, I practically camped out in the parking lot to buy them.