Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hilarious It Is

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks Yoda was speaking German in translation.

The following link is especially for anyone who has ever tried to learn German. You should not go there if you are offended by salty language or sentences like this:
It is important to note zat zere is only one korrekt vay to phrase a sentence.

Uncyclopeida entry on German grammar (via Gin and Teutonic)

Am I the last person on the internet to discover Uncyclopedia? Because I think it's my new favorite site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was great ;-)

katie said...

As far as I'm concerned you're the Mary Leakuy of rad websites and/or blogs. Thanks for keeping me out of pocket protectors (most of the time,).

For your 'lil screecher: my Mom used to rub Creme de Menth on our gums when we were teething (just a little bit!) which could explain my proclivity both for mint chocolate chip ice cream AND alcohol...but anyway, we apparently calmed down & did just fine on our SATs.