Monday, July 23, 2007

Bullet Points

-I'm pretty sure the high chair I ordered (because I had to have a particular fabric pattern since I'm sure Theo would go on a hunger strike if we'd bought the floor model, he's got a real design sensibility) will arrive the day before we leave town. Thus, we've been feeding him in his swing. This means that sometimes he gets so excited about the mushed bananas that he kicks his legs and the whole contraption swings away from the outstretched spoon. This frustrates him.
-Why can I never find broccoli in the grocery store? Is it a North American native plant that won't grow in Europe?
-Analyzing television shows is more interesting/productive (if that's even possible) when they're actually airing. Analyzing them five years later just bores my readers. So I'm not going to ask you what you thought of Evil Demon Willow. But dude, when she was surfing on that semi truck, I think Buffy might have jumped the shark.
-Am I supposed to blog while I'm on vacation? Because I might not. I'm just warning you.
-But I promise to post every day until my vacation starts. Consider yourself warned.

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