Friday, July 20, 2007

A Blog Story

A few months ago, I emailed my friend Katie (who doesn't have a blog but if she would ever start one I would totally link to it) with a link to Nothing But Bonfires. (I won't mention that it was a link to a specific post about a specific reality show featuring a man choosing his future wife from a bevy of vapid beauties.) She, of course, became addicted because Holly, the author of NBB, has the coolest life ever including the talent to write a compelling blog.

Then, a few weeks ago, I told my friend Abby about NBB because she is a graduate student and what else does she have to do with her time besides read blogs and envy talented San Franciscans with English accents and hot boyfriends?

Then, last week, Katie and I were discussing these calendars and their awesomeness but we were sad that we couldn't find them here in Deutschland or even online.

I swear, this story gets a little more interesting. But honestly, not that much more interesting but you're reading a blog so what else do you have going on right now? Just stick with me, it will be fun.

SO, a couple of days ago, Holly posted about small things that have changed her life, including a specific brand of lipgloss. And I know what you're thinking but, no, the awesome calendars did not change her life.

HOWEVER, I commented that Trader Joe's roolz, and later Katie commented that she would willingly make an infomercial for her SoniCare, and immediately afterward Abby said that THOSE VERY SAME CALENDARS changed her life. And she linked to the website where we can buy them!

Which means that while the interweb is huge and overwhelming, it is also small and friendly and everyone I know lives there and wants to help me. And I should probably shut down this blog and just post comments at NBB and wait for my friends to reply.



Carol said...

...and I only made it to the NBB link. WAY COOL! Love her blog (and subscribed). And it's not only because she's in SF, though that definitely adds to her allure.


Veronica said...

Love the NBB link. Thanks for pointing the way.

Nothing But Bonfires said...

Ooh, I'm blushing! Thanks, guys.

Abigail said...

So glad I could reunite you with the world's most special calendar!