Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Excerpts from my Sent Mail

Lionel Richie is in town, so that's what I'm working with here.

I hear she is expanding her evil empire.

I will not be compensating you for pain and suffering due to injuries sustained during my Kool-Aid purchase. Please wear your safety helmet next time.

No! Please intrude!

It's like an episode of the X-Files where all the alien abductees are drawn, zombie-like, to an abandoned bridge so they can re-board the mother ship.


Abigail said...

Blythe - I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon (the blogwagon?). Come visit me:

EuroTrippen said...

"I hear she is expanding her evil empire."

If this is in reference to Martha Stewart, I'm never moving back to america... she scares me!!

Emily said...

Hi Blythe -
Left a message under the Movie Star post, but wanted to make sure you got my message, so...

Not sure what your email address is, mine is - How long have you been in Germany? I chuckled to read, in some of your past blog entries about Germany, about the german obsession with Strumpfhosen and burgundy hair dye - isn't it bizarre how that last one has just kept on going?

I have yet to meet or befriend any american expats in Germany (sometimes I wonder where they all are), so email me! I'd love to compare notes.