Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Calm down, everyone. Though Jeff's parents were in town earlier this month, I can confirm for you that my father-in-law is not a nudist. This must have been someone else's father-in-law:

Naked U.S. tourist shocks German city

BERLIN (Reuters) - A naked American tourist raised eyebrows when he went for a walk through a German city and told police he thought this was acceptable behavior in Germany.

"We have been having unusually hot weather here lately but, all the same, we can't have this," a spokesman for police in the southern city of Nuremberg said on Tuesday. "The man said he thought walking around naked was tolerated in Germany."

Those of you who were planning a visit for later in the summer, consider yourselves warned.

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Christina said...

Ahahah! Didn't the guy notice that no one else was walking around naked? LOL!